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Embracing Change 

Over the years, Belmont Funeral Homes has seen funeral customs change dramatically. We've kept up with it all, so you'll be hard pressed to surprise us with your wishes. Whether you prefer burial or cremation, a formal or casual service for your loved one, we can make it happen. We'll help you celebrate their life, with love and care.

The Life and Times of You

At Belmont Funeral Home, we know how busy you are. Planning a funeral not only throws a wrench into your family schedule, it can take you out of circulation when you should be spending time remembering the departed with your loved ones. Let us take care of the details, so you can take care of each other.  

History of Belmont Funeral Home

Once known as the John Kellogg House, the current Belmont Funeral Home was built by John Kellogg around 1810 This grand two story Ante-bellum  Greek-Revival  style home with its two-story colossal portico still sits on on its original location on South Main Street in Colchester.  This beautiful building as seen several  changes in the last  200 years.  Although the original brick building is now covered by siding,  the wrought iron fencing has been removed,  additions have been added  onto the rear and  modern amenities have been added, it still possesses some of the original look and charm from years gone past.

The property has changed hands several times as well, in 1842 John Kellogg sold the house to Johnathan and Mark Dodge and renting it to Philo Gillett who purchased it in 1854. In 1862, Samuel Tilder held the deed until 1878 when he sold it to Col. Henry C. Morgan. The house stayed in the Morgan family for 61 years passing it down to his daughter Ruth Stedman,  until it was sold to Jack Lazinski in 1939.  In 1954, George Wasnewski  became the new owner and established, what is known today, The Belmont Funeral Home*. Upon his retirement he sold  it to George Sabrowski in 1979, who kept it as Belmont Funeral Home.  Just prior to  George's death in 2014, Bernard "Jake" Donihee became the currant owner of both the building and business and will continue to run it as such.
Belmont Funeral Home Owners
George T. Wasniewski
         George T. Sabrowski
         Bernard "Jake" Donihee
                  2014- Present
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